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At Vampped, we have powerful relationships with an extensive network of leading digital influencers and VIPs. As a team, we focus on driving true results, and impactful campaigns across multiple platforms, including. 

Instagram and Youtube
Influencer collaborations
Influencer placement
Influencer strategy
Influencer + paid social
Vip relations and seeding


By approaching events in a different way, our experiential services team makes our clients’ impression of us distinct and memorable. We produce world-class events that directly connect to your brand and generate immediate engagement among influencers and audiences.

Experiential strategy
Event production
Event marketing
Event execution
Consumer sampling strategy
Conference strategy


Vampped's talent management division is distinct from the rest of the agency, giving us the freedom to operate in ways that are experimental and different. We represent digital influencers throughout a variety of verticals and build long-term partnerships for mutual growth.



Managing campaigns across multiple social media platforms, we look to enhance growth and exceed client expectations through the efforts of our digital marketing team. Our “Vampped” initiative is leading the way in current trends, cutting-edge strategies, content, and long-lasting connections that positively impact YOUR relationship with YOUR audience.

Organic social media management
Community management
Social media strategy
Social media reporting
Paid social media management



Let our numbers speak for themselves! We conduct smart analyses to glean insight into your industry, figure out what can improve, and deliver the highest-quality campaigns to optimize results.


Communication always comes first. Our team prizes quality messaging in product placement, feature stories, and all other areas for individuals and brands alike.

Award placement
Media list outreach
Targeted pitching
Media placement + strategy
Securing event attendance
Brand media relations + communications
Influencer & entertainment media relations
Influencer & entertainment communications


Emphasizing originality and novelty, our world-renowned creative division brings to life photography and videography concepts that attract the right kind of attention. We bring an extensive knowledge of what truly complete digital service looks like.

Organic social media management
Creative strategy
Campaign creation
Creative direction
Content creation


Running campaigns that are both professional and fresh, we collaborate with elite photographers, videographers, and social media influencers to produce content of the highest caliber. We reposition brands by developing social-first content that truly inspires audiences around the world.

More than 300 million people in 185 countries have turned to us on Instagram, Youtube, Snapchat, and Facebook to be inspired by the world. We develop content and influencer strategies with hotels, tourism boards, and travel brands to showcase the amazing people, places, and experiences this beautiful planet has to offer. 

Our events are always known as status symbols for all who attend. The reason for this is clear: we emphasize originality and memorability. We leverage our unparalleled network of relationships within the entertainment, fashion and digital industries to enhance discoverability for our clients.


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Social media management & planning
Content creation


Website design
Website development
E-commerce Implementation
SEO set-up


Logo design
Name branding for your business
Brand voice & messaging 
Brand development & discovery


Newsletter set-up and design